Quality pharmacy services

At Red Hill Pharmacy we provide quality pharmaceutical products and services that assist the local Red Hill community and surrounding suburbs 6 days a week. We offer a number of services ranging from diabetes support, medicine programs, local home delivery to one-on-one pharmacist consultations.

  • MedsCheck & Diabetes MedsCheck
  • Asthma Management Advice
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring Service
  • Continence Advice & Products
  • Integrated Therapies – Natural health, beauty alternatives
  • Diabetes Sub Agent
  • Dose Administration Aid Packing (eg. Websterpak)
  • Home Delivery Service (Local Area)
  • Home Medicines Reviews (HMRs) with your GP
  • Medication Profiling (Provision of a Current Medication Summary)
  • PBS Safety Net Monitoring
  • Specialty Skin Care
  • Sports and Injure needs
  • Wide Range of Vitamins
  • Pharmacist Consultations
  • Residential Medication Management Reviews
  • Return of Unwanted Medicines Program (RUM)
  • Sharps Disposal Service
  • Medical Certificate Service
  • Prescriptions on File Service

We welcome feedback for new and improved pharmacy services; please let us know if you have any suggestions for additional services.